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Behavior in the event of transport damage

Liability-related behavior in the event of transport damage
Detect, treat and process transport damage correctly

Download: Transport damage report.pdf

All items and shipments are personally checked by us when the goods are dispatched and carefully packed. However, in very rare cases, items in a shipment may arrive damaged or even missing. Therefore, please check your delivery very carefully:

  • Is the box battered, crushed or damaged?
  • Is the number of packages complete according to the enclosed papers?

If goods are obviously missing or damaged, please report the situation immediately in writing as described below by fax to + 498989058725 or by email to office@roomours .en

We'll get back to you as soon as possible and then clarify the further procedure with you.

Please do not return damaged shipments or items without the written permission of roomours.

It is in your own best interest to comply with the procedures described below.

The recipient has the obligation to check!

Delivery by freight forwarder

roomours ships large devices with freight forwarders. In the case of open transport damage, it is advisable to unpack the shipment in the presence of the delivering carrier and to note the damage with the date, time and signature on the proof of delivery or delivery note and have it certified. The license plate number of the van must also be noted. Photographs for the preservation of evidence are very helpful here in order to be able to process the damage case better.

Delivery by parcel service

If the packaging is obviously damaged from the outside, please refuse acceptance completely or, if the goods are urgently needed, make a note of the damage on the roll-out list with the date and time.

Please take the time to check the shipment in the presence of the delivery driver. You can have shortfalls acknowledged.

In all cases:

  • Damage and shortages are to be noted and must be acknowledged by the driver
  • In any case, leave the goods and packaging unchanged
  • DO NOT use the damaged goods
  • Report the damage to roomours by email or fax

Types of shipping damage

Open transport damage

Open transport damage exists if the outer packaging is obviously compressed, torn or otherwise damaged.

The open transport damage must be reported immediately in writing to roomours.

Alternatively and as the easiest way for you and us, you can of course reject the shipment because of damage.

In the case of damage to the consignment that is already visible from the outside, it is recommended that the delivery be opened in the presence of the deliverer. Make sure there is no hidden shipping damage. In particular, check whether the content is corrupt or missing.

With his signature, the recipient not only confirms acceptance of the goods, but also that the shipping or transport packaging appears to be in good condition without any obvious defects. Therefore, you should definitely have the deliverer record a damage report immediately. Have all damage to the packaging and delivered items described in detail and have all missing items listed in detail.Photographs of the damaged items or shipments have proven useful for preserving evidence. Otherwise, claims for damages resulting from transport damage are excluded.

Concealed damage in transit

Hidden transport damage is present if the outer packaging is apparently undamaged, but the contents are damaged.

Check the goods immediately upon receipt. Hidden transport damage is present if it is only recognized after acceptance of the shipment. The recipient must report the damage within 48 hours of taking delivery of the goods by fax to 08989058725 or by email to at roomours report. The recipient describes the damage that has occurred as precisely as possible and, in any case, keeps the goods including the outer packaging and shipping packaging to check the transport damage. Here, too, the preservation of evidence through photographs of the damaged item or shipment has proven its worth.

Our employee will then contact the recipient immediately to initiate further steps.

Defects discovered later, which are due to improper handling during transport, are no longer recognized and replaced by the insurance companies. The same applies if the outer and shipping packaging is missing.

Please refrain from accepting the shipment with the comment "under reserve"!