Ausstattung von Konferenzräumen

Equipment of conference rooms

Conference rooms are the communicative center of every company. This is where creative and productive exchange of information takes place within your own team or with external participants. The conference room also serves as a kind of advertisement for your company. Offer employees and external visitors a special experience - simple and at the same time homely conference furniture enhances every conference room and ensures a feel-good atmosphere. In the following we would like to give you some inspiration on how you can use roomours products to give your conference room that certain something.

The classic conference room

Conference rooms of all sizes and variations: In addition to a large conference table and enough chairs, the conference room should of course not be without the obligatory flipchart or TV stand to appeal to fans of both digital and analogue work.


Hybrid meeting rooms

Not all meeting participants can always be on site. The right equipment for a productive and optimal video conference with customers or colleagues is just as important as a stable WiFi connection.

Impromptu meetings

Meetings or discussions between teams often arise spontaneously from the moment and present the employees with the problem that there is no free meeting room available. Our flexible tools on wheels can help here - simply rolled into the team office, they are immediately available and do not cause frustration in the team.